Defense Logistics is a known feature and conventional services offered by AARAS INTERNATIONAL.

Being the most highly specialized logistics service segments which require thorough and rigid profiling of service providers along with submission of detailed operational dynamics backed with economical and safe solutions, AARAS has over the years established itself as the most professionally competent and reliable service provider for such challenging, time-sensitive and high profile moves.

42420797Aaras International is a premier shipping company focused on delivering superior defense logistics solutions. We specialize in transporting goods from their point of departure to their final destination with speed and accuracy. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure logistic network for our customers, utilizing cutting-edge technology and best-in-class customer service. We understand that defense logistics can be incredibly complex, with multiple stakeholders and stringent regulations across different jurisdictions. As such, we strive to provide the best possible experience, with seamless integration of our services and an efficient, transparent process. We are committed to delivering excellent service, from road to by air, so that our customers can rest assured that their shipment is in safe hands.

Dependable transit schedules and sailings from major ports worldwide

Access to space allocations with major carriers

Network of consolidation centers and regional gateways to manage defense logistics and cargo.

Door-to-door service