Air Freight shipments are meant to save the time and deliver the goods to receiver in shortes

Considering the importance and need of storage of imported goods from major ports worldwide

Access to space allocations with major carriers

Network of consolidation centers and regional gateways to manage Warehouse and distributions

Door-to-door service

AI Warehouse Management


AARAS INTERNATIONAL Warehouse Management provides a comprehensive management system so that you can deliver your products at the right time and completely by ensuring the efficient use of the warehouse area. Many operational activity management such as creating work orders through the system, tracking the entry and exit of the products to the warehouse, optimizing the in-warehouse areas and positioning the products on the correct shelves, and performing labeling or barcoding operations of the products are carried out.


Aaras International Logistics is a specialized shipping and logistics company that provides comprehensive warehouse and distribution services. From local area and short-distance transportation to long-distance, cross-country shipments, we provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for all your shipping needs. Our warehouses and distribution centers are strategically located throughout the country for maximum efficiency and convenience. We offer safe and secure storage, order fulfillment, and delivery options for businesses of all sizes. With our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we are committed to meeting all your logistics needs. Let us help you streamline your shipping and distribution operations with our comprehensive warehousing and distribution services – both domestically and internationally.